This country and its people are sometimes unbelievable. Recently football united the entire nation for weeks on social media. History was made, on the 17th of March when Bhutan scored two goals against Srilanka. For once, when we had a platform to discuss the future of these athletes everybody including potential journalist and politicians failed to raise that issue.
We might expect the chairmen or president who look after the national team to take initiatives, but the truth is they work because they get paid. And that’s about it. The sad thing is we were given an opportunity and we failed as foot ball freaks or lovers or whatever we call ourselves. Football is a game for most of us, but those that play good enough to make history mustn’t go to bed thinking about how to manage time between studying or paying his bills by working somewhere and at the same time keeping up on the field.
These lads aren’t college or highschool athletes although few are still attending college, they are national players who must compete with men from countries that support athletes full-time. Asian countries like Nepal and India pay their players on a full-time which leads to a. Better performance in the field. b.More youths take sport seriously because they understand that it can be taken as a career. Nepal has remained as the lowest developing country in Asia for a long time and although however corrupted their leaders may be they haven’t said no while allocating foreign aid and benefits towards securing the future of these sportsmen.
We are always looking for ways to reduce unemployment by associating ourselves with complex words like entrepreneurship whose definition if asked will not be known by most youths. The man who made history on the 17th is now being invited as one of the speakers for a panel when he should be getting ready to get his ass kicked by japan? When he should be invited to talk about his future. Obviously from recent articles he belongs to a club and must be getting paid on a full time. But nobody cares because, he made history and now every day after that until few months, every magazine, radio, bar, etc in town starting from the tashi delek will feature him. For most of us for a long time football will never be a career.
I am not saying stop supplying drugs and building farm roads, all I am saying is for once let us take the possibility of sports as a career the next time we discuss how to reduce unemployment in our five year plan. Let us bring this issue as means to reduce youth unemployment and delinquency.
Courtesy: Tashi Wangmo
Bhutanese Blogger

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