When old friends turn foes

And it is finally Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) who moves the court against the government over Fiscal Incentives issue. It is a very bold step taken by DNT and its supporters and this will unfurl some merits for them at the time when the next general election is at the doorstep. DNT has never failed to make its presence in the political arena and this move reassures their mandates.

The party seems  seriously aggrieved. And indeed, they must be having a point here to prove the government wrong. If the government had altered taxes at their whim, as the DNT accuses, then it is a grave violation of the Constitution. The party has to be lauded for fighting to uphold the sacred Constitution- the mother of all laws.

What might happen if DNT manage to get a favourable court verdict? First, the government might have to step down for violating the Constitution, and this will be the last thing that the people of Bhutan would like to witness. Second, those businessmen who received tax incentives will have to refund the money to the government. Unlike the first Constitutional case, here, it will be the public and the businessmen who will land up repaying over Nu 110 million which they received as the tax holiday. Third, DNT will get a huge leap over other political parties in preparing for the 2018 election.

The party filing a lawsuit against the government also sends a message to the people that DNT has no entente with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which was speculated post the candidates swapping that happened between the two parties in 2013 general election.

But there are some sections who believe that it is just a mere political stunt by the party to gain its mileage. And in fact, the government did expose their weakness several times in last few years but then apart from the Opposition’s resentments in the parliament, none of the political parties outside stepped up to the occasion. Maybe it is the gravity of this issue that prompted DNT to knock the High Court’s door but truly, picture-blur is there.

Another fact that the people would like to know is; why not DPT, the opposition party, to file the case? DPT has made it very clear right from the start that they will oppose the government if they feel necessary but never move the court. And it is true that if the ruling and opposition parties get struck in the lengthy legal battles, it will be the people who will be affected. Maybe the answer lies here.

Now, as the concerned citizens, we can only wait and watch what might unfurl next. In a way, all these fusses are necessary to consolidate a vibrant democracy in the country.


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