Trashigang Gups and people rally behind Thrizin

People say the Thrizin just performed his duty

l  Usha Drukpa, Thimphu


The recent incident wherein two people, Yeshi Dorji, leader of the Drukyul Karzay Tshethar Tshogpa and his colleague Lama Karsang, claimed that the Trashigang Dzongkha Tshogde (DT) Thrizin (Chairman), Kanglung Gup Kinzang Dorji, would be taken to court for defaming them, has not gone well with the dzongkhag’s gups and the people. In a national daily paper, Yeshey Dorji said that the Thrizin had defamed them by saying the two are not genuine spiritual leaders.

Apart from saying that the Thrizin performed his responsibility, people are calling for an investigation of the Drukyul Karzay Tshethar Tshogpa.

Speaking over the phone, Yangneer Gup, Duptho, said that what the Thrizin did is not only right but “has come at the right time.” “I don’t think Thrizin has any personal issues. Due to his post, it is his responsibility to point out such issues,” he said, adding that after the incident people have become careful.

He also said that Thrizin Kinzang Dorji submitted in the DT that if the two are really a Lam and a Trulku, he will seek forgiveness. “In this issue, we are all with the Thrizin, because he is seeking clarifications if the two are really what they claim to be. I do not think seeking the truth is defamation,” he said, reiterating that this incident is very good for the nation and the future.

“People who try to fool the public will be careful. Similarly, the general people will also be careful before receiving blessings from everyone,” he said, adding that due to such cases, people could lose faith and reverence for real Lams, Trulkus and Rimpoches.

Gup Duptho also said that the government should monitor and audit the Tshethar Tshogpa. “People pay huge sums and the Tshethar Tshogpa says that all the cattle are in Gelephu. I do not think there is even a formal bank account,” he said.

Meanwhile, Merak Gup Lama Richen said that though there are people who are not born as Lams, they become one after intense meditation, studies and other merit acquiring means.

“I have not heard of these Lam and the Trulku having done this. The best example is Jetsun Milerapa, who had to undergo several steps before he became a Thobdanpa. And to reiterate what I said earlier, we have not heard of anything similar that the two did,” he said. The gup also said that, while the issue was discussed in the recent DT meeting, he called for an investigation.

“I believe the Trulku is from Martshala. So the responsibility to find if he is really one or not should be done by the Dzongdag, Police and Thrizin of Samdrup Jongkhar district,” he said, adding that the Chhoeday Lhentshog, mandated to recognize trulkus is also there.

A former local leader from Udzorong said it is the responsibility of the Thrizin to inform people about policies, problems and issues. This is exactly what the Thrizin did.”

He had nothing to say about the Tsethar Tshogpa, but just cautioned that people may claim to be Lams, Trulkus and Rimpoches  and that we have to be sensible enough to separate the chaff from the grain.”

He further added that “real” Lams and Trulkus would never resort to measures like “threatening” by saying that people will be taken to Court. On Drukyul Karzay Tshethar Tshogpa he said that there should be an investigation. “The government, Department of Culture and the Zhung Dratshang should look into it,” he said.

A businessman from Trashigang said that the two are “dupes.” “I have told this directly to the one who is supposedly a Trulku. Our people are very gullible, especially when it comes to religion and this is the advantage that both of them took,” he said, adding that the Trashigang Thrizin did the “right thing.” “It will set an example for others not to embark on such a tactic. The people will also be careful now, before prostrating and receiving blessings from people who are not true Lams or Trulkus.”

According to him, what the Thrizin did was calling a “spade a spade.” “Can you call a spade a hammer,” he questioned, adding that taking pictures and following recognized spiritual leaders does not make one a Lam.  Reiterating the need to audit the Drukyul Karzay Tshethar Tshogpa, he said that the “supposed Lam’S” stand that the cattle are in Gelephu is ridiculous.” “Trashigang is such a big district. There are plenty of lands. Why in Gelephu,” he said.

Meanwhile, Thrizin Kinzang Dorji said that he has not much to say. “I am just a servant of the people.As the Thrizin, I felt that this was an issue which people should know and the responsibility to do so falls on me,” he said.

Despite several attempts, The Journalist could not contact Yeshey Dorji and Karsang.

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