The Beauty and Queen of Melody

In 1993, the silence of Haa was broken by the wails of a new-born. She was the youngest of the 8 siblings, from Orong, Samdrup Jongkhar. She lived for almost 18 years in Eastern Bhutan.

Daughter of a principal (late) and her mother; today a retired business woman, her wails have become the soothing element, loved and envied. She is Sujjin Rinzin Lhamo, a sensation, followed by thousands on social media.

Her song –Shambala – a masterpiece invoking and reminding people of the Buddha, brought her on the nation’s center-stage. Self composer of her songs, sometimes Sujjin just fiddles the guitar and then get her song. Supported by her mother and fans,

The alma-mater of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science; Bangalore; India, from where she graduated to become a nurse, she is currently a clinical nurse at the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH).

In this special coverage Sujjin speaks out her mind.


When/How did your love with music begin? 


I had a great love for music from my childhood. My mother loves music too, and she used to be obsessed with every type and genre of music. She is one of my favorite singers, for her vocal is so powerful and unique. When we were young, she bought a classical piano. She was very great with those keyboards and she would sing classical songs. And she was a person who encouraged us to sing, no matter how horrible we would sound. Her strong belief in me that I could sing was the very reason I pushed myself to avail every opportunity possible. On my 19th birthday, my parents gifted me a guitar. I am still very bad at guitar, but thanks to it that most of my composed songs are because of those accidental chords combination.


Was there a moment of where you suddenly developed love for music?


There is no day where I don’t love music. Music is my getaway and I have become a part of it. Honestly, I don’t remember any major incidences which made me realize about the musician within me. I should acknowledge my bathroom singing habits and my friends, cousins and parents always said that I should “seriously” “go pro”. When I was little, I sang extempore songs which were all coming from my head. It was fun but then it took time to realize that fun was some talent in me.


What is special about your music?


So far I have put 8 songs on record. Some are country, some are rock and some are pop. All are urban and to influence the youth. I strongly believe in Buddhism and my song “Shambalai Bhu” was one unique song I had come with. It is not to prove that I am  but to deliver a message regarding Buddha’s teachings.

Shambala is a mysterious land which is said to be blessed And the guy from shambala is our future Buddha “Sangay Jowo Jamba.”  This little knowledge can be inserted inside our youths’ heads.

I have not reached the level where I am influential or exemplary. There are many things to be said and done, with this so called music for social change. And to rate it special or not, entirely depends on the listeners. But I definitely want to be a singer championing for change.


A talented singer and health worker: is it a good combination. Does this help you in your profession?


I feel very empowered, confident and comfortable where I am today and honestly, it didn’t took me a long time to get there. You know there’s always an option of standing up for ourselves. We dictate what we wants to be or what we should do. To be  in a fixed job is kind of boring. Apart from my job, I fill those “days- free” with things I am passionate about and it helps me uplift my humour. Music is a bit of an uproar to my health career. No wonder singing has helped me grow professionally and personally.


Sujin the star. Sujin the health worker. Whom do you like?


The star got a secret of healing heart. The health worker got a secret of healing hands. So both are productive and beneficial in their own ways. I am not sure how many of my fans know that I am a nurse by profession. Those who did was surprised. Honestly I get a good say from all who know that I am a nurse and singer.


I am not the best singer or the best nurse but I will try my best to bring out more of me. Everyday, I am learning and it helps me get nearer to the door of masterpiece and one day.. a day will come for me to knock and it will be a thing that you always wanted. I won’t give up on that. I ll do my best to make sure both the star and the nurse benefits and entertain people for many days to come.


Your message to your fans?

I am so happy because of my fans, family and friends. Without them I don’t think I would have climbed the ladder though I have built one. They have shown me lots of love and support. They were the very reason I due to which I had to put more of my compositions on record. They were so kind and it means so much to me.

Here is what I want to speak out to my fans.

Bhutan is special. Our Kings are great personalities. Due to this, you can become what you aspire for. Pray for our Kings.


Remember that we all are unique. We have different capabilities. Some don’t realize that, others aren’t courageous, mainly  because we fear that we are inadequate, we fear critics. Remember its fear or failure. If we have to win over so called fear, don’t sit still. You should stand up for yourself.

Anything is possible if you have faith in something you think you are good at. Don’t be afraid of what others would say. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it for things you are very passionate about. Then you can explore or discover and then express your greatness. Distrust and skepticism are things that come along with it but when you try cracking it, you will gain experience of the taste of greatness.

Deep down we know that the present moment is all we ever have. I am not going to be that person who will waste this golden ticket to life. If you are so passionate about something, know that it’s a stamp approval from the Devine.

Be humble and stay on the right path and I believe anything is possible.

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