Some 1,003 graduates for 494 slots

l Tenzin Lhamo, Thimphu


Of the 1,024 graduates who could make through the preliminary examination, 1,003 sat for the three-day Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) examination that began from October 6, 2017.

Going by the RCSC’s public announcement, 494 graduates will be taken in for civil service this year, and this mean that for every slot, two will be competing.  This is contrary to last year’s 5:1 ratio.

“This means that we have better chances of getting selected. For us, this is the most important exams. We have been preparing for a job in civil service these many years,” said Samdrup, a graduate from College of Science and Technology.

In his category, there were 490 graduates competing for 273 vacancies. “I am confident that I will get through the exam,” said Samdrup.

Tsetrim, a graduate in electrical engineering from CST, said that in his category, there were only 12 slots while they were 40.

“In our case, the ratio is 4:1. Thus, I am not every confident of getting selected,” he said.

Of 211 vacancies in the general category, 40 will be taken for postgraduate diploma is public administration (PGDPA) and 30 in postgraduate diploma in financial management (PGDFM). The Commission has allotted 141 vacancies for the postgraduate diploma in education category.

According to a graduate from Samtse College of Education, Sangay Choden, she had prepared well for the exams. “Questions were not very tough and I did well. But I am sure everyone would have felt similar. Therefore, I cannot predict my result,” she said.

Apart from 968 general and technical graduates, 35 Dzongkha graduates appeared for the exams, competing for 10 slots in postgraduate diploma in national law category.

Meanwhile, the examination carries 70 percent of the total weightage. 10 percent is for the academic marks and 20 percent for viva voce.

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