Reviving tradition way of cooking

Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu

Trongsa Poenlop Thuendrel Club (TPTC), (alumni of Trongsa Poenlop Scholarship and King Scholarship) in collaboration with top 10 chief of 20 dzongkhag has organized a five day traditional dish training to club members and students from various school in
TPTC program coordinator, Pasang Dorji, said main motive of organizing this tradition cuisine training is to uphold our age old culture and tradition.
“Unemployment problem among youth is so critical. Training our club members and the young students may one day help them to stand on their own feet and they may also be able to provide employment in future if they come up with their own business setups,” said Pasang Dorji.
He further added that five days training had also showcased different traditional cuisines of our country and how it has to be prepared.
Tsagay, 52, from Chukha who is one of the top 10 chiefs, expressed that our traditional cuisines are deteriorating since youth of today hardly cooks anywhere.
“Children hardly know what their parents had packed for the lunch and they don’t even bother how it is cooked,” he said.
“I feel our age old tradition cuisine has to be reintoduced,” said Tsagay.
Tenzin Tshogyel, 13, a student of Changkha Middle Secondary School, said it was fun learning and trying out food which he has never seen before.
“This training made me learn the fusion methods to preparing puta and other foods. I am now confident that I can also prepare these foods at home and impress my parents,” said Tenzin Tshogyel.
Similarly, Dorji Wangmo, a student of Jigme Namgyal Lower Secoundary School, said that she knew cooking was always enjoyable and this training made her reignite her interest in cooking.
“I knew what are the ingredients that are being used to prepare various dishes,” said Dorji Wangmo.
She also mentioned that in future she would like to take up more cooking lessons and setup her own restaurant so that she can keep more traditional dishes in her menu.

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