On to fulfill His Grandfather’s wish

Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu

Son of a Tshogpa from Pam chiwog, Trashigang, and grandson of a person who served as a Royal Advisory Counselor, Jamyang, 30, remembers his “meme” say that service for the people and country should stand on the top of his many priorities. He is finally prepared to do it and fulfill his grandfather’s wish, if he wins in the forthcoming Thrompon elections.
A beautiful town with 24 hours water supply; footpaths for pedestrians and the shops bustling with tourism and local products. “This was my grandfather’s dreams of Trashigang,” he says, underlining that he would put his body, mind and soul to achieve it, if people provide him the platform by electing him Thrompon of Trashigang town.
He has observed his father working for development of the communities for 15 years and knows what the town needs. Moreover, having spent more than half his life in Pam, his native village, Jamyang says he is well acquainted with the potentials and challenges of transforming Trashigang town to a “Dream Town.” “Unlike others I have always wanted to complete my studies, come back to my village and do something here,” he says, highlighting that if elected, he has a host of programs to reduce rural- urban migration.
Holder of a Bachelors Degree from Kalimpong, Jamyang has been “observing his town” for the last three years. “Trashigang has 15 gewogs and every gewog has its unique and special product. I will ensure that there is uninterrupted market for the products,” he says, highlighting that as Thrompon, he would not just sit on his chair at Trashigang.
Extension of the town would be another priority. “People say it is a problem and there is no land in town. But there are areas towards Melphey and Pam for the town to extend.”
His friends know him as a person with integrity and very generous. “During our school days, he used to even buy my clothes,” Tshering, a close friend said.
Meanwhile, Jambyang has no qualms of winning or losing. “As our saying goes, when two bulls fight, one should win and the other will lose,” he says, adding that even if he loses, he would stay home and start a venture to benefit the community. “My roots are calling me. I hear the words of my grandfather. I will go home, no matter what.”

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