NA House Committee will not dissolve

The chairperson of the committee say that the recent news about dissolution of the committee is wrong

Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu


Clearing the air on the issue of dissolution of the national assembly (NA) house committee, the chairperson of the committee, Member of Parliament (MP) of Womrong, Karma Tenzin, said it is untrue that the committee is dissolving.


He said that the recent media report on this issue does not hold water.

“It was totally a wrong message sent by a reporter to the nation. The only issue here was about my premature resignation and that I am doing as per the Section 319 of the rules of the procedure (RoP). Members can resign but they cannot dissolve the committee which plays pivotal roles in the functioning of the House,” said MP Karma Tenzin.


He mentioned that the deputy chairperson of the committee has also tendered his resignation on the personal grounds.


“Even the Speaker had made it clear that we, the committee members, have no authority to dissolve the house committee because the House without this committee will be lame in its administrative functioning,” he said.


He also mentioned that the reporter did call him before publishing his article in the paper but he was never asked about the dissolution of the house committee.


“He called me once and asked me why I am resigning. We never talked about whether or not the committee is going to dissolve,” said MP Karma Tenzin.


According to the RoP, he said that the members can resign. The appointment of new committee and the removal of the committee can be only done by NA during the session not by the house committee. And the speaker has the prerogative to send it back.


Section 318 and 219 on resignation from the committee clearly states that members may resign from a committee by writing with his hand, stating reasons, addressed to the speaker.

However, he said that if a majority of committee members want to retain the resigning members, his/her resignation will be revoked.


“Thus, even my resignation has so far not become an official one. If the House decides to retain me, I have to adhere to decision of the majority,” said the MP.


Further elaborating on the recent news article, the MP said; “The readers were made to believe that we have personal grievances towards the Speaker and the general secretary of the House. This is untrue,” said the MP.


“When we work together, we come to know about our differences but that only helps the organization to move forward with more strength. And when I attended the last committee meeting, we never talked about our grievances towards anyone,” he said.


Meanwhile, the tenure of the committee ends by August 13. The incumbent committee members are Kengkhar-Weringla MP Rinzin Jamtsho, Panbang MP Dorji Wangdi, Khamdang Ramjar MP Sonam Dondup Dorjee, Chumey-Ura MP Tshewang Jurmi, Nyishog Saephu MP Kuenga, Mendrelgang MP Yogesh Tamang, Talo-Kabji MP Dophu Dukpa, Chukha MP Rinzin Dorji and Nganglam MP Choida Jamtsho.



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