More than 2,260 graduates attended NGOP

l Usha Drukpa, Thimphu


With the theme ‘Leadership of the Self through Integrity’, the 16th national graduates orientation programme (NGOP) will begin from August 12 this year.

Out of 2,843 graduates who have registered for the orientation programme, only 2,263 will attend the NGOP. It is because many had submitted incomplete documents. 504 graduates are absentees and a few are in-service candidates who cannot attend the week-long programme.

The record with the organizers state that the number of graduates who attended NGOP had been similar for the past five years and it also shows that over 17,170 graduates have attended this programme in last eight years.

In this programme, there will be three main components such as; policy orientation, cultural orientation, and personal development.

During the programme there will officials and speakers from various government and non-government agencies to brief the participants on different aspects of the government policies and socio-economic issues.

The main objectives of the NGOP are to provide formal platform to receive graduates on behalf of the government; orient graduates on the policies, programs and issues of national importance; orient on culture, traditions and etiquettes of the country; promote patriotism and nationalism; provide forum for graduates to interact and share ideas with the national leaders; provide information on jobs and employment opportunities; and facilitate promotion of positive outlook and attitude among graduates.

According to the registration statistics, of the total graduates, about 1,423 have graduated from within Bhutan and 748 from India, while the rest from the universities aboard.

In the general graduate category, there are 1,687 graduates and 576 falls under technical graduates.

According to Tshering Wangmo, a graduate from Sherubtse College, orientation programme is a much needed workshop for the fresh graduates.

“It is in this programme that we become familiar with the policies that are in place and issues that our country is confronting. I am looking forward to attend this programme,” she said.

Tseltrim, an electrical student from College of Science and Technology, will be travelling from Samtse to attend NGOP on Sunday. He said that he is expecting this orientation programme to be an interesting one.

“So far, we have learned many things that were in textbooks. Now, I am all set to become a professional and I expect that this programme will teach and prepare me to embark on my new journey. I am ready to confront all the challenges on my professional path and prepared to take up any opportunities that come on my way,” said Tseltrim.

Pema Tshomo, a graduate from CMR in Bangalore, India, said that she could never afford to miss this programme. “I have been away from Bhutan for last four years and I have tad knowledge about what is happening in our country. So, I will attend it and try to know from the speakers what has been going on and what will go on in Bhutan. I think it will be one interesting programme in which we can learn many new things,” she said.

Mon Brd Subha has graduated from North Bengal University and he will be participating in this programme. “I saw many of my friends registering their name for the programme and thus, I too did the same. I don’t know what this orientation programme is all about but looking that a huge mass of graduates, I am sure it will be one very interesting event,” he said.

“For me, NGOP is a lifetime opportunity. There is no way that we keep graduating time and again in our lives. Thus, I must not miss it,” said Karma, a graduate from Gaeddug College of Business Studies.

Meanwhile NGOP begins from 12th and it will wind up on 19th August, 2017. The venue will be at Multi-Purpose Hall of Royal Institute of Management (RIM), Semtokha, Thimphu.

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