Love conquers everything

Today, it is an established fact that women who do not have other alternatives and avenues to earn a decent livelihood, are switching into this profession- prostitution. But what is more disturbing is that there seems to exist a network of professionals, comprising both men and women, who is taking advantage of this situation and exploiting the girls whose numbers are growing by the day.

The modus operandi involves a ‘boss’ who takes care of handling the clients needs and also assure that there is a constant supply of girls whenever there is a demand and a guide, usually a male, who accompanies these girls and pretend to be their boyfriend or spouses. The ladies are in turn offered security by the boss and the guides.

Why is it an issue of concern?

First, the women involved in the flesh trade, are vulnerable to exploitation and blackmail. It is difficult to get out of the ring once a woman is trapped in this snare. The people, like the boss and the guide, who takes care of the business usually have the personal details of the girls and take advantage of them as these women are afraid of being exposed to the society or being caught by the law enforcing agencies.

Then there is the probability, in all likelihood, of persons getting infected with STDs and increase the chances of spreading dreaded diseases like HIV AIDS which is already an issue of grave concern in our country. There is virtually no agency or organization that looks after the safety and remedial aspects of this trade.

Again, and the most challenging aspect of this social malice, is that our being a close-knit society with a population size of just about 800,000, is bound to break our social cohesions. It will not only shatter individuals and families but be a blotch to our small society—and a country without morale will never develop into a healthy society. Crimes and unemployment will rise. The number of suicide cases will also soar.

We cannot let this happen. Our government, CSOs, police including every citizen of this country must stop this social malice from creeping into our society. We have to identify these individuals, involved in the shoddy business, and help build alternative avenues for them to earn a decent livelihood.

Remember, half of our country’s population comprises of females and shunning or discarding them from the mainstream society, or putting them behind bars, will never be a viable solution to this problem.

We must, instead, look at finding positive alternatives, like employment generation and craft women-centric developmental approaches so that our womenfolk do not ever think of jumping into this profession.

Let us embrace love and help save our sisters from drowning into this stinking shit hole. Let us care and conquer this evil with love.

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