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The people of Gyelpoishing and the country saw yet another milestone in the country’s education development process, as the Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology (GCIT) was formally inaugurated on the morning of September 6, 2017.

Anchored on the vision to be the “Center of Excellence in information Technology steeped in GNH values”, GCIT took in the first batch of students early this year. Classes began from July 12, 2017 with 79 students pursuing Bachelors in Computer Application.

During the inauguration, Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay, said “a seed has been sown as GCIT and that it will benefit the students and the country a lot.” Lyonchhen also spoke about the essence of Information Technology (IT) in the present world.

Lyonchhen mentioned that IT is dynamic and evolving; something that will continue to grow as its essence is “felt strongly in the world”. He added that students in GCIT will be “Learning by doing” and explained that the students will not only study but practically develop skills.

The Prime Minister wished the students well and urged the tutors to provide the best education possible.

President Lhatu Jamba of GCIT called the institute very important, since the world today is evolving with IT. “Bhutanese are lucky that the government is also giving lots of importance to IT,” he said.

On enrollment, he said it will be based on how good a student is in mathematics. However, he said that they are following the Royal Thimphu College’s (RTC’s), Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) selection criteria, as RTC is the first college who initiated BCA in the country.

The President further said that from next year the college will come up with new departments, such as BSC IT, which will lead to enrollment of students from all non-mathematics background, as science students who top usually go abroad to study, leaving behind very few students from the science stream.

“There are many students from non-mathematics background who wanted to peruse their dream in IT and perform well,” the President said, adding that GCIT will be providing those aspiring IT students a platform to turn their dreams into reality.

Taking about the challenges, he mentioned that it was very clear from the prime minister’s speech that all assistance will be provided. However, he  said that challenges if any for GCI, will be achieving the visions of His Majesty the King. “In a few years we will have our graduates in the job market, and show that we are ready to be the center of excellence in IT,” he added.

He also mentioned that students and staff of GCIT are very excited, since the method of teaching and learning is very different from other colleges in the country.

The Public is equally excited.

Tsewang, branch manager of Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL), Monggar, said the institute is a translation of His Majesty’s farsighted vision to realty. “On several occasions, His Majesty has spoken about the strengths of our youth; the importance of IT and Science. The establishment of the institute is a milestone in our country’s development,” he said.

Karma, a businessman from Gyelpoishing said that the institute will remain as a landmark for Gyelpoishing and the country. “Like Lyonchhen mentioned in the inaugural speech, learning by doing is very important,” he said. Gyelpoishing, he mentioned is the perfect venue as it will become the “hotspot” of the East and the Country. “With the completion of the Nganglam-Gyelpoishing highway, the institute will not be far from any part of the country,” he said.

Meanwhile Social Media has also picked up the news. Nima Yoezer has mentioned on his Face Book (FB) page that he had so much fun interacting with the first 80 BCA students and faculty members.

“Unlike other colleges, I was told that in order to produce a team of most competent IT professionals the College Management has wisely adopted the DNA (Doing And Learning) scheme meaning students learn through hands on practices in their entire module giving them higher edge over just learning by mere listening in the class. Lecturers are required to intervene at regular interval and provide additional insights through recent research studies to further sharpen the skills of young and innovative minds,” he has written.

Lyonchhen also inaugurated Yoezer homemade food products stall in the College which aims to cater homemade local products to the students and faculty to reduce consumption of junk food.

Gyalposhing College is one of the three colleges being established in the east. The other two are Rigney college at Trashiyangtse and Centenary Institute of Education (CIE) at Yongphula . Today, Lyonchhen will be inaugurating the CIE, Yongphula and the Yongphula airport.

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