JAB conducts media literacy trainings’

l Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu


To educate the rural folks on the importance and role of media, the Journalist Association of Bhutan (JAB) is conducting media literacy training in four remote communities in the country.

The Executive Director of JAB, Needrup Zangpo, said that it is also to create awareness among the people in rural communities

Panbang, Zhemgang

on the merits and demerits of social media.

“While the mainstream media is being used properly, people are misusing social media such as Facebook and WeChat. Thus, we are trying to educate our people on social media policy,” said Needup Zangpo.

He mentioned that their programme includes educating the people on the importance of going through advertisements given in newspapers and televisions.

“As per the survey report which we conducted in Sakten under Trashigang on October 9, it states that access to media among the nomadic people is relatively poor,” said the Executive Director.

He also mentioned that as per their report, 76 percent of people in Panbang, Zhemgang, use Facebook and Wechat as their primary news sources.

“The people of Dorokha in Samtse m

Sakteng, Trashigang

ostly depend on radio to get news updates since they do not have proper access to print media,” Needup Zangpo.

Meanwhile, the programme is funded by United Nation Democracy Fund. It will conclude on October 25.

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