His Majesty’s Visit

22 December 2017: His Majesty in Bebji. Bebji Rehabilitation Project, Sangbaykha Gewog in Haa, was initiated under the Royal Command of His Majesty the King, to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods of the landless and socio-economically disadvantaged people. Under the program, the beneficiaries are provided land, support for shelter and income generation, and other essential socio-economic services.
23 December 2017: His Majesty at Rangtse Nye, an extraordinarily beautiful large limestone cave that is a marvel of nature with an unusually powerful spiritual ambiance.
The cavern is located high on a sheer ridge near Rangtse village in lower Haa, a dramatically steep climb from the valley floor. The main cave winds about 300 metres deep with intricate layers and patterns of rock and limestone formation intertwined between stalagmites and stalactites that have been formed over millions of years. The depths of other caves are yet to be explored.
Following the National Day celebrations in Haa, His Majesty is on a tour of the villages in Sangbaykha and Gakiling gewogs in Haa, and Dorokha gewog in Samtse.

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