Healing bruised hearts in Nganglam

Pema Choejor, Thimphu

On March 20, 2017, His Majesty the King arrived in Tshenkari, Nganglam, Pemagatshel to meet the victims of a fire that broke out in the morning and inspect the site.

The fire, which began in the early hours of the morning has damaged 14 shops and houses and two vehicles. No causalities were reported. The fire was brought under control with the help of the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA), Royal Bhutan Police (RBP), DeSuups, and volunteers, who then helped provide victims with shelter and immediate relief materials.

Meanwhile, residents of Nganglam, who were affected by the fire as well as others, say that His Majesty coming all the way from Thimphu to see, assess and comfort the people shows His Majesty’s concern for the people.

Kezang Lhaden, 29, whose shop was gutted by the fire said that nothing could be saved from the fire. “We couldn’t save anything, not even slippers. Nonetheless, we were lucky not to have lost any lives as my children were inside the house during that incident.”  Kezang said that she was surprised when she heard that His Majesty was arriving at Nganglam. “I shed tears of happiness, even before His Majesty arrived. I thought how lucky we were to have a King, who is like the Buddha.” Kezang continued that meeting His Majesty and “hearing the golden words of love and compassion at such a critical time” made her forget that she had lost her house. “I am living in a temporary hut, but happy for which we thank His Majesty,” she said.

Speaking along the same lines, Dorji, 29, who works as a cook in Tshangla hotel said, that the mere sight of His Majesty the King “takes away the grief.” “I was very disturbed about those who had lost everything. In a small community, we are like families,” he said. Dorji further said that to be born as a Bhutanese is a blessing. “There is a continuous flow of love and support physically, emotionally, and mentally, from His Majesty.”

Aita Singh Gurung, 27, who runs a mobile shop said, “Whether cold rain or hot sun, either snow or flood, our King always reaches out and provides support that is priceless. His Majesty’s Kidu to those affected here has magically soothed the wounds of several people.”

Similarly, Thering Dorji, 52, Tshogpa of Nganglam town said that during unfortunate times, Bhutanese people have always received the blessings of His Majesty the King.  “Our King is always there to renew the strength of these victimized citizens. We will never have Kings like we have and had.”

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