Govt. bringing party politics into play: OL

|Karma Yangzom, Thimphu

Putting party politics above the national interest by the government is the reason behind shooting down all their recommendations and motions moved in the parliament, the opposition party said.
In last the session, the opposition camp moved four motions but none could get a smooth sail over the government’s table. There were also numerous recommendations given to the ruling party but all fell into the deaf ears.
“Politics should come after the interest of the nation but the government seems to be taking it otherwise. What we had recommended were for the nation and the people. Sadly, time and again, we fail to get support from the government,” said South Thimphu Member of Parliament (MP), Yeshey Jimba.
He said that the government is shooting down everything that the opposition propose or recommend.
“But then this is how democracy functions. Ours is only two-party democratic system and thus, it is natural that there will be some rift between the parties,” he said.
He mentioned that as the opposition party, it is their responsibility to look for a hole behind the back of the government and tell them.
One of the opposition member said that sometimes ego-play also comes in the House.
According to Lamgong-Wangcha, MP Khandu Wangchuk, if not from the government, they do get attention from the media and the people.
“Ultimately, it is the people who will give the final verdict. We shouldn’t fail to discharge our duties and we will keep voicing our say whether the government listen or not,” he said.
“Sometimes, I tell the MPs of ruling camp that they will fail to garner support from the public in the next election. I remind them that their cabinet members will come back but some of them may not because they have done nothing other than supporting their party to vote out our recommendations in the sessions,” said MP Khandu Wangchuk.
The Panbang MP, Dorji Wangdi, said that the government may not have acknowledged their recommendations publicly but the government do evaluate their proposals and work accordingly.
“All through these many sessions, we have been asking the government to address the issue of housing crunch confronted by the residents of Phuentsholing. Many people are pushed to the other side of the border gate and this is a serious issue. Now, we are glad to know that the government is constructing a high density housing complex to bring in our people who live across the border,” he said.
MP Dorji Wangdi mentioned that this is a fine example of how things are working.
“Call it ego or whatever; this trend will go on in days to come. But it is very important that we do not get distracted and endure to fulfil our duties. We have a huge responsibility to work for the nation and the people,” he said.

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