Don’t take us for granted

Druk Gaki Tshogpa’s (DGT) founder Chheku Dukpa sends a strong message

  Tashi Wangmo/Thimphu


With the next parliamentary elections nearing, political parties are sharpening their arsenals, including new ones like Druk Gaki Tshogpa (DGT), which the party’s founder Chheku Dukpa, says is ready for registration anytime.

Reacting to comments on the social media and verbal communication where DGT is undermined, Chheku Dukpa said that there are always people who will support one party and belittle the other. “I do not even give a thought on such comments in the social media, especially when the people (s) are anonymous. It will not harm DGT at all,” he said, adding that those undermining DGT will realize their mistakes, when the elections begin. “I do not take any party for granted. Similarly, parties should not take us for granted,” he said. However, Chheku Dukpa said that DGT respects the choice of the people. “It is up-to the people to select and support candidates and parties,” he said.

On DGT’s work so far, Chheku Dukpa said that the party was supposed to be registered by July 29, this month. However, due to the selection of candidates, this could not happen. Nonetheless, DGT will be registered by next month.

In what is a different strategy, he said that unlike other parties DGT is looking for two-three members each from every gewog to get the best candidate. “We are looking for those with a positive attitude and willingness to make personal sacrifices. As of today, we have more than half of the required candidate in the party,” he said.

On challenges faced by the party, he said that DGT has not faced any and will not face hurdles in the future, too. “As long as our mission is clear and an intentions pure, which are to serve the people and the country, I believe that there will be no challenges,” he said, adding that every difficulty is part of the game and that he does not take those as challenges.

When asked how DGT will be different from other political parties, Chheku Dukpa mentioned that current parties are involved in blame game instead of finding solutions. “DGT is different; we are not at all interested in the so called never ending blame game. We want to focus on finding solutions and I believe we can achieve it,” he added. He also mentioned that DGT is going to be different and unique in many ways, and that their aim is not to stand just for the election but to work and make the country greater.

He said that one of the primary reasons for forming the party is to make Bhutan a vibrant democracy. “Some people that I came across seem to have lost hope in politics and democracy. They even told me that they do not want to support any party,” he said, adding that there are also people who do not want to vote at all.

“DGT will be the light in the darkness and enlighten the people with wisdom and make everyone understand that we cannot afford to forget our responsibilities, which is to make our country a democracy that will be envied and emulated by the world,” he said.

He further said that DGT would bring a sea of changes in the minds of the Bhutanese people and “re-invent the way that the people of the country think and act to strengthen a young democracy and pave the way for greater glory”. He said that DGT’s role is to create a very educative and responsible society and constructively strengthen democracy.


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