Celebrating unity through the Royal Wedding

Bhutan commemorated the sixth anniversary of the Royal Wedding of our beloved King and the Queen, and in doing so we came together, once again, as a family and a team to celebrate unity and life itself.

The joyous occasion of the Royal Wedding marks a special bond, of that of our people and our beloved monarchs who have been the torchbearers of our hope and of our glory. Our King and Queen are the manifestation of our identity and our future. They are the manifestation of our common dreams and aspiration. It was only apt that the day brought us closer together, once again, reminding us that ours is a small and close-knit society where collective harmony comes before any big individual glory.

In a world where consumerism and personal individual identity has become the centre stage of any developing society, such occasions, though small, are a reminder that there is so much to look forward and celebrate in life that just reflect on economic progress.

The joyous event as the Royal Wedding, and the coming forward of all citizens’ young and old and the rich and poor, to celebrate the occasion as one family and in harmony, is a reminder to every Bhutanese, and the world at large, that our measures to economic development and social progress is not merely through the billions that we churn in annual national revenues but through the little acts of our unity and coming together as one family.

From the little girl that prayed for the wellbeing and long life of our beloved royal family to the old monk who lit a butter lamp to mark the occasion, the little gestures reflected that our communities of Bhutanese are always happy and content knowing the fact that we always have our beloved monarchs to look after and guide us.

As Bhutanese and a native of a country so blessed as ours, we should always keep and uphold these little values that bind us together, because in the end our journey and progress in life will not only be measured by the yardstick of our economic progresses but by the virtue of how we have evolved as a family and as a team.

We should always be united as one and help each other at all times, because a nation as puny as ours can never afford to divide ourselves, not on communal lines nor on any political differences. The occasion of the Royal Wedding is one such moment where we can remind ourselves that, no matter what, in the end we shall always stand and journey as one.

Palden Drukpa Gyelo!



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