BKP will form the government in 2018: BKP President

Pema Tshomo, Thimphu

As the run-up to the 2018 elections begin, President of Bhutan Kuen-Nyam party (BKP), Sonam Tobgay expressed that only a miracle would stop the party from winning the 2018 elections.

BKP, which was the first political party to register in 2013 with Sonam Tobgay as the party president was disqualified in the last elections of 2013. However, this time round, the party will not be “accommodating as in the last elections when it comes to situations be it with authorities or adversaries,” the President said. He further mentioned that BKP will transcend limits “to make the impossible possible.” “The party has gathered a good set of senior well experienced and like-minded candidates to form a highly competent government that would make our King, country and the people proud,” he said.

On rumors that the BKP has plans to merge with other political parties, Sonam Tobgay said these are not true.“BKP does not have the plans to merge with other political party this moment nor do we have the plan for the future,” he said, adding that BKP has always been a party with strong values and beliefs. “Even in marriage there is no perfect union. So merger with another political party is out of the question,” he said. He also underlined that BKP is not a party for political expediency or for a short haul, but for posterity to institutionalize good democratic institutions like political parties. “It is the nation that comes first and not individuals or political parties to usurp short term name and fame on the pretext of nation building. We will stick to our guns come rain or shine”’ He added.

He said BKP’s trump card is “leadership with a team of technocrats and professionals,” who will create a way forward to look into people’s empowerment, provision of safety nets for the people, and participation in democratic and pluralistic system respectful of all human rights and individual respect.

“This time we will win and form the government and will leave no stones unturned,” the President reiterated, adding that the party “is a party with strong character and with new members who would impress the people and gain their support and appreciation.”

BKP now has confirmed close to seventy percent of the candidates and shortly the party would have all 47 candidates, after which they would come in the public forum “one by one as done in the past.” “There will be a seismic shift in favor of BKP and only God can disallow it to happen” the BKP President said.

With two new political parties declaring their intentions to contest in the elections, Bhutan would have seven parties during the primary round, if the parties fulfills all criteria, as mandated by the election commission of Bhutan (ECB).

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