Beyond the confines of the classroom walls

l Tenzin Wangchuk, Thimphu


The month of August, which was celebrated as the literary month by Druk School in Thimphu, saw the national language ,Dzongkha promoted.

According to a teacher, Choki Nima, the literary month saw students participating in different themes like Lozey and Tsangmo recitation competitions and dzongkha quizzes and debates among others.  Choki Nima said that the whole idea was to promote the national language by not only imparting the knowledge in the confines of the classrooms but going beyond it.

“It is one of our new strategies to make learning dzongkha a more fun-filled and motivating experience so that students take a keen interest on the subject,” the dzongkha teacher said, adding that he hoped other schools across the nation also inculcate similar teaching tools so that children develop an attachment for the national language.

The school had also conducted a boedra singing and poetry recitation competition which was an instant hit amongst the students, as children as small as five were found trying to memorize the verses which was earlier unknown or unheard of in their lives.

>> Junior students at the poetry recitation program

Lopen Choki Nima said that such activities infuse confidence in the students at a very young age. “It also makes them creative as students are equally involved in the preparations.

Another dzongkha teacher, Lopen Jampel, said that while it was difficult for pre primary and class I students to write or memorize the texts, children in class II and above seem to have developed a penchant for the subject.

“It was heartening to see children going to libraries and browsing dzongkha texts to compete in the quiz, creative writing and poetry recitation competitions. The idea of marking August a literary month with dzongkha as its core theme was a very good move and it should be observed every year given its significance in making the subject more appealing to learn,” Lopen Jampel added.

The teacher added that learning should not be restricted to the confines of the four walls of the classrooms. Co-curricular activities like quiz, debate and poetry recitation competitions and other sports and cultural events also play a crucial role in developing the overall learning mindset of the children.

Another dzongkha teacher, Karma Tshering said other activities in this month included peer learnig; seniors going to lower classes and reading. “Druk School had included the lower sections as students of class III and the lower ones feel neglected. We feel that everyone should given equal opportunities.”

Such programs have been conducted for the last four years. to make it an annual event as students were found to be developing a fondness for this, otherwise dreaded, subject.

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