BBS, my turn please!

Dear Bhutan Broadcasting Service,
It appears that you are either lacking programs or people are not interested to come when they are requested for programs. If it is the first one, I have nothing to tell. But if the reason is the second one, I request you to give me a chance as I would like to vent my frustration and anger on many issues starting from the bad urban roads and drainage to traffic jams and poor public service delivery at hospitals and government offices. Will you give me a chance to appear on BBS TV to do that?
My neighbor who is a taxi driver has his own share of disappointments and grievances and he will be the happiest person if he were given a chance to broadcast his views, atleast he will be content because of the fact that he did try his part to mend it.
There are a thousand and one Tom, Dick and Harrys who have their own wishful thoughts, which might vary from the conventional good at times, but I believe BBS has their own mandates and rules to sort out what else to entertain and who else can speak in a public forum, especially when the matter has the interests of the nation at stake. I also believe BBS will never be used as a medium to display individual party’s interest or a platform to politicize ones views.
Maybe, I am wrong. It is possible that BBS is trying to promote freedom of speech and to make our people know that BBS is there if anyone has anything to say from any part of the country.
Do not be confused. I am talking about the interview that BBS was giving to the member of DNT on the government having gone against the law of the country. The DNT member is no one different from me or others. He is just a member of the DNT, a political party. I am also a registered member of a political party. Does this mean that I can come to Thimphu and talk on BBS about my frustrations. I want to talk about corruption; prostitution; the rich becoming richer and issues that are faced by the people and not a political drama. BBS is a forum that is watched all over Bhutan. and even beyond.
The general elections are looming and political parties and individuals with vested interests will want to seek media attention. It is imperative that BBS do not fall prey to these attention-seekers and draw the line between what is good for the public and what can flare up communal disharmony.
I am writing this on behalf of many people who were asking me who “that” person is. I told a DNT member and people were saying that as they are members of DPT, PDP, BKP, can they get the same platform to appear on BBS. Or is this an indication that BBS is succumbing to pressure. If that is the case, I will also pressurize.
On behalf of many people, if BBS can give this clarification, we will be very grateful.
Pema Khandu
Lingmethang, Monggar
Edited for space and clarity.

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