APA Participants say they will be Bhutan’s Ambassador

l Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu


Apart from Bhutan’s rich culture and environment, participants of the two day Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), which ended on September 1, 2017, said that beyond the Assembly’s deliberation, participants have imbibed  knowledge on generosity, humility, optimism, hope and love, which they are taking back home.

Several members said that they would now be Bhutan’s Ambassador and inform their people back home that Bhutan has much more than what is mentioned on social sites and the internet.

Secretary General, Dr, Mohammad Reza Majidi from the Islamic Republic of Iran, said that he is so glad that the social and culture affairs meeting was held in Bhutan, “a land of diverse culture and happiness, though the country is small.” Apart from this he said that personally he learned many lessons, including His Majesty the King and the people.

“In the two day conference, I have observed that many objectives of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Convention are living landmarks of Bhutan.” he said, adding that Bhutan is the country that other nations should look to, as an example and to find different methodologies required to solve issues on culture.

He further mentioned that the depth and wealth of Bhutanese culture, especially kindness and humility cannot be measured. “This is why representatives of all the countries said they would be Bhutan’s ambassador as the good has to be propagated.”

Member of Parliament (MP) of the Shura Council, Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr (PHD). Abdulaziz Hassan Ali Abul, said that what makes Bhutan special is the people. “The most important aspect of Bhutan is her people, who are optimistic, hopeful, hardworking and also willing to deal with the challenges. They are genuinely warm and welcoming,” he said.

“The country’s culture is well preserved and the environment prestine with minimum or no pollution at all,” he said.

Similarly, Member of Parliament (MP), Mir. Mushtaque Ahmed Robi of Bangladesh said that he never thought Bhutan will be “this fantastic and did not expect much.” However, he said that Bhutan is a land of surprise and that he is taking back good memories that will remain etched in his life.

Reiterating other speakers, he said that Bhutan has lots of opportunities and scope to develop and also prospering compared to the past. “But Bhutan has never compromised on her well preserved culture and tradition,” he said.

Meanwhile, participants from all the 20 countries asked the National Assembly Speaker Jigme Zangpo to convey to Their Majesties the Kings their appreciation of Bhutan’s culture and how it has been preserved. The Speaker also said that the meeting was very successful, which would benefit 4.4 billion people. The meeting saw the adoption of all nine resolutions and one additional resolution proposed by Russia.

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