An unforgettable journey….

News about the kidney problems in Bhutan…. Always wanted to do something for kidney foundation… But never had i expected that i would actually be there for them on the 4th June 2017 at Samdrupjonkhar starting point to 4th July 2017 at Thimphu.. For one month…. 738 kilometers.. Start… 4th June the blissful day, to celebrate the 27th birth Anniversary of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen… Chabzin for Bhutan Kidney Foundation…

The Walk, Talk and Rise fund for the foundation.

Very spontaneously, i decided to take the mission… I was not only looking forward to walking through nature everday while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding bliss… Also to talk about the shooting numbers of kidney problems….and about the Bhutan kidney foundation’s mission, to bring back the smile… And to rise fund for the foundation, even though i did not have any specific expectation before our mission.. But the whole journey exceeded my expectation speechless… It is impossible to truly reflect the impact this mission had on me by means of a few words, but i would like to share the benefits to many… If any body willing to take on the struggles he/she might face along the way… It is incredibly wonderful how quickly i feel so familiar with people i have just met… Each day of our walk, talk and rise fund for the foundation was unique in its own way… Through an amazing mountain and valley view, over magnificent 8 passes.. Many places almost mystical… Deep valleys, imprasive waterfalls and some place dark mist… Somtimes walking alone in this dark dump misty forest you can have goose pimples… When you hear the story of Neyla Duem… Melong brak and nanglim drak… As it was summer, raining every now and then in most places did not surprise me… Despite feeling exhausted, soaked in miserably… I am proud to this unique challenge. Some time i have to start as early 4.30am to reach to the next settlement. In towns and schools, local people, students and teachers are waiting excitedly for us, at the end of the talk, students dance beautifully as they have been practicing all week and i can see on their beautiful faces that they are eager to do well. Day by day, our journey, it has been a journey into a different and unique reality. From the multicoloured prayer flags fluttering high above hills as we walk below.. walking in the bliss, truly beautiful landscape…. Walk, talk and fund rise progress amazing…. That i would never end up regretting doing this mission… Easier said than done… I learn the hard way, Walking or prostrating on motor road taught me to always listen to my body and to remember that body and mind must work at same pace… I always try to absorb the silence and peaceful atmosphere, truly bliss…. I realized i had gained so much more knowledge than the previous visit by touring with tourist and by prostrating… During this mission, the day we entered Tashigang till Thimphu, many people came forword to help…. Even walking with us for days, Honorable Ministers, Dasho Dzongda, Dasho Dzongrap, Dasho Drangpon, Dasho Trizin, Dasho OC, CDEO, DHO, Gup, Tshokpas, Mangmi, Desuup, Princpls, Teachers, students and Social workers, forestery, and many others… Without their help, we will never be able to achive the goal… Thank you all so much… For making this perfectly amazing… This mission gave me indescribable experience, one has to go, personally to experience the ground. It was the perfect way to end with the audiences with His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsun, and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey at the Lingkana Palace is like in dream, that had turned out to be an amazing and wonderful mission. So much joy, exciting and pleasant memories… I am also fascinated by the kindness and hospitality every Dzongkhak family’s offered to us….

Bhutan one Nation one People… Truly touched me…

May i always be there for all beings….

Prostration Man(Chimi)

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