All set for the 2nd Royal Highland Festival

l Rinchen Dorji, Thimphu


To achieve the goal of making the highlands a thriving and vibrant economy, the Second Royal Highland Festival in Laya will be held on 23rd and 24th October, 2017.

The program list of the festival includes a one day Laya Run, which is also called as the Snowmen Run, on 22nd October 2017. It will be followed by the annual local offering festival known as Auley from 25 to 27 October 2017

In his official statement, Gasa Dzongda, Dorji Dradhul, extended his invitation to all the tour operators and interested individuals to take part in the events.

“The Laya Run will flag off from Ponjothang to Laya which is about 25 kilometers.  The expatriate and foreign participants will have to pay USD 100 per person as fees which will be accounted against the expenses incurred on pack-lunch, refreshments, prizes, certificates and porter charges for the whole event,” the statement mentioned.

However, the Dzongkhag administration made it very clear that meals and refreshments on the Run Day will be free of cost.

Meanwhile, the three-day festival is aimed to bring together the stakeholders of highland development so that they gain better insights of challenges and opportunities at the ground level. It is also to assess potentials of capitalizing on technologies to address challenges and to enhance farming efficiencies to revive tradition and culture that are slowly fading away. Further, it is to provide opportunities to update or formulate enabling policies and guidelines to facilitate highlanders to evolve and coexist with other communities in Bhutan.

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