A Song for the Crowning Lotus

Sonam Tashi

In the ears of gliding clouds
The dreadful thunder whispered;
“In the land of happiness,
There is a beauty.
And I must not scream
And disturb her peace.”

On the chest of a weeping leaf
A falling dewdrop wrote;
“In the valley so blessed
There is a beauty.
And I must not fall today
For I must live to see her.”

And on the palm of cascading snow
A gentle breeze inscribed;
“In the heart of the Dragon King
There lives a beauty
And I must wait here
To see who robbed the King’s heart.”

A monk said;
“I have seen her rising
From the smokes of a burning incense
And I heard her name thousand times
In the rhymes of holy texts.”

A peasant said;
“I have seen her dancing in my field
Teasing the flowers of early corns
And I have heard of her
In the twitter of sparrows.”

A merchant said;
“I haven’t seen her yet
But there in the valley
Where a river flows silently
From the belt of a giant Dzong
I heard that she lives there.”

A young girl said;
“I have seen her
In the hearts of
Many thousand souls
She is the Unseen that we see
In the redness of a rose.”

An old man said;
“She is the beauty
Reigning over the beauties
And she is the grace
In its sublime form
And both Beauty and Grace would agree this.”

A teacher said;
“She is the flower
From the heaven’s garden
Dropped on the pinnacle
Of the Royal Palace
And stars and moon are the witnesses.”

And a student said;
“She lives in the heart
Of The People’s King
But every soul in this Dragon Kingdom
Has built a castle for her
With flags of her name flying higher.”

The harbinger of joy
The flare of happiness
And the jewel in the shrine
She is, but the brightest Lotus
That emanates the rays of peace and prosperity!

From her wings
Showers a surfeiting mirth
And from lips
Flows an endless love
She is the Aphrodite of our times!

For today’s Sun brings different rays
Rich and Poor are marching down
Joy and Sadness are parading down
Beauty and Ugly are walking down
Friend and Foe are strolling down!

Down, on the meadow beautiful
Thousand lamps are burning bright
And scents of sweetness are wafting in
Even a beggar is prostrating
And praying for Her Majesty’s long life!

And on this birthday of the Dragon Queen
Peace is has promised to be by Her side
Prosperity is holding Her hands
Happiness takes an oath to be Her companion
And Beauty says she will live in Her forever!

Long Live Her Majesty the Queen, Jetsun Pema Wangchuck
And Happy Birthday!!!

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