Work on the Gyalpoizhing-Nganglam highway from the Gyelpoizhing side completed

Usha Dukpa,

Contractor says that he has completed the work two months ahead of the scheduled deadline
After a grueling six-year tussle against the most forbidding terrains and weather, the northern part of the Gyalpoizhing-Nganglam Road Project (GNRP) was finally completed and handed over to the Department of Roads’ regional office in Lingmethang, Monggar.
Breathing a long awaited sigh of relief, the CEO of Rirab Constructions, Trashi Wangyal, who undertook the road construction works, said that the project has been the most challenging of all the works he has executed till date, and that he was glad that he could complete the work on time.
“Most of the contractors, who were earlier involved with the work, told me that it would be a feat next to impossible and that executing it would mean incurring huge losses. Most of them left but I was determined to complete it,” Trashi Wangyal said, adding that Bhutanese contractors too have the capability to execute such works in the country.
But executing a task as difficult as this demanded an equally stronger determination and untold sacrifices. Workers and engineers were faced with extreme hardships; especially when they came across stretches of cliffs and rock faces, and they had to labor in precarious working conditions.
At one time they lost an excavator as it slid from a loose rock face and toppled into the river gorge below. Minor injuries and small tussles were the order of the day, and to add to it the weather was not as forgiving too.
Trashi Wangyel said that they were glad that they completed the work two months ahead of the schedule as they had planned to complete everything before the onset of the monsoons.
“Completing it on time was challenging so we deployed additional men and machineries on the site. We even worked round the clock and overtime so that we could complete and hand over the works to the government ahead of the schedule,” he added.
The company had deployed around seven excavators and ten other heavy machineries like crawlers, rock drillers and air compressors in addition to around 50 workers at the site who worked round the clock to meet the deadlines.
Asked what his greatest achievement was while executing the project, Trashi Wangyal said that being able to get his staff and workers safe back home was the most rewarding feeling to him.
“I am glad that we didn’t loose any lives apart from the machineries. The biggest satisfaction is also knowing the fact that we had completed the work on time despite all the odds,” Trashi said.
Meanwhile, the Journalist also learnt that the Ngalglam part of the road has reached its last phase of 200 additional meters and a motorable bridge after which the two points will be connected.
The initial works for GNRP had started from 15 October, 2011 and was scheduled to be completed by June this year.

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