An unforgettable Zhabdrung Kuchoe: President, CARE Bhutan

Tashi Wangmo

Calling it as a Zhabdrung Kuchoe, whose sacredness and sublimity, was augmented by the Royal Audience with His Majesty the King, Thinley Dorji, President of CARE Bhutan, told The Journalist that the audience has further boosted the morale of CARE Bhutan’s members and his own.

“It was an honour, a privilege, but of all, it was an opportunity to know the concerns that His Majesty has for the nation, “Thinley said. He further added that when His Majesty is deeply concerned even about wastes, it is beyond words to describe how concerned His Majesty must be about larger national issues. “But I am not saying that waste management is not a concern. When His Majesty spoke about wastes, I immediately thought about other issues and the very heavy weight His Majesty must be carrying and the little roles all citizens could play to achieve His Majesty’s vision,” Thinley added.

Thinley, who is the President of CARE Bhutan, further mentioned that the Royal Audience has infused the fact that CARE Bhutan now has added responsibility. “I have seen and listened to His Majesty, who has on all occasions said that with added power and position comes added responsibility. For me and my group, the audience means more than power or elevated position. We know that we have to deliver and we will do it,” he said. Thinley further said that the inclusion of CARE Bhutan with other non government organizations (NGOs), some of which are very well established, said a lot about His Majesty’s concerns for the youth.

Tandin Wangchuk, one of CARE Bhutan’s core members said he is out of words. “When Thinley told me that he received a call from His Majesty’s Secretariat about the audience, I firstly thought he was joking. When I knew that it was true, I automatically thought about His Majesty’s concerns for the youth, which comes from deep inside the golden and compassionate heart,” he said. Tandin added that though CARE Bhutan is a small and new group working for social integration, the audience has strengthened him, mentally. “I am not speaking just about myself. I am speaking on behalf of all other members and we do not know how to thank His Majesty,” he said.

Sonam, another member of the organization said that nothing, not even the work they do will be sufficient to thank His Majesty. “We will work. We will give our best to achieve His Majesty’s vision of a youth, who can one day become leaders and take our nation ahead,” he said.

CARE Bhutan is a social organization consisting of members, who have had conflict with the law, recovering addicts, the unemployed and youth who are vulnerable.

Others who received the audience were Karma Yonten of Greener Way, Kinley Tshering of Dr Toilet, Pasang Tshering of Bhutan Toilet Organization, Nedup Tshering of Clean Bhutan and Rikesh Gurung of Green Road.

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