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Sherubtse student amongst victim of the rain

|Karma Yangzom , Thimphu

The incessant rain, especially in the southern foothills last week has caused several damages, including washing away of the entire Sarpang town. But it is not just Sarpang that have been affected. The rain has affected several parts of the country, derailed road networks and led to the death of a 20 year old final year student of Sherubtse College, studying Bachelors in Dzongkha English.
Speaking to The Journalist, an eyewitness, Rinchen, said that a truck had gone off the road near Tselingkhor due to the loose soil. All vehicles had stopped. “I was outside and looking for a place to relieve myself. Suddenly I heard people screaming. A young man, who had also gone to relieve himself had stepped on the loose soil, which gave in, dragging the deceased,” Rinchen said. The incident happened near Tselingkhor on July 22, 2016 and the deceased was travelling in a taxi.

Unemployment alarming, says Opposition

|Tashi Wangmo, Thimphu

Meeting reporters on July 21, the Khenkhar – Weringla Member of the National Assembly (MP) Rinzin Jamtsho, said that Bhutan’s unemployment situation is highly alarming and has almost reached the crisis point.
The MP, who worked in the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, prior to his resignation to join politics, said that the overall unemployment in urban areas has increased by 92 percent and urban youth unemployment by 74 percent in the last three years. He also said that the female youth unemployment has increased by 43 percent and overall female unemployment by 37 percent, respectively. The overall youth unemployment has increased by 30 percent in the same number of years, which is “equally very alarming,” he told reporters.

His Majesty the King assessing the flood situation in Sarpang

His Majesty The King met with the shopkeepers whose shops were washed away by flood and inspected the areas damaged, in Sarpang. His Majesty also met with the dzongkhag officials and others involved in relief efforts.
Due to heavy rain over the past few days, the Sarpang river broke its banks and gradually swept away the shops of the roadside market. Upon Royal Command, a relief team comprising of Royal Bhutan Army personnel, police, government officials, and DeSuups, joined by local volunteers, began relief work immediately after the breach to evacuate the entire market.