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PJ- the man with mighty heart

Kinley Demawp_ss_20160227_0001

There is something in his name that accentuates beauty of his heart. For a traveler in hot desert, he appears like a pool of fresh water and for a prisoner confined in solitary, he comes like a compassionate king to unshackle heavy chains.

Domestic violence still a concern


Tashi Wangmo / Thimphu

Despite Bhutan making impressive progress in eradicating gender inequality over the past few decades, violence against women and children still prevails.

Record maintained by RENEW (Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women) and NCWC (National Commission for Women and Children) clearly states that there has been marginal decrease.

APCAS to improve agricultural statistics

Kinley Dema/Thimphu

The Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistic (APCAS) on its 26th session recommended exploring methods of collaboration to improve the profile of agricultural and rural statistics in South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries.

Man who saw all five Kings


There could be only a few of those in Bhutan who has been an integral part in waving history of our country for very long time. And fortunate are those who has served or seen all five Druk Gyalpos, including The Gyalsey.  He has seen lush green meadows and paddy fields turning into bustling cities, and he has also seen old mule tracks turn into tar-pitched long roads.

He had seen the Second Druk Gyalpo hitting his arrow on bull’s eye in an archery match, the compassionate Father of Modern Bhutan, the Third Druk Gyalpo’s landmark handshake with the first Prime Minister of India, the Visionary Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s coronation, the wedding celebration of the People’s King, His Majesty the Fifth King, and the birth of The Gyalsey.